[Book Review] “IKIGAI – The Japanese Secret to a Happy and Long Life”: Watching Flowers Fall, Waiting for Flowers to Bloom

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A secret is something that is unknown or unrecognized. Every secret of creation has great value in changing the quality of human life.

A secret is something that is unknown or unrecognized. Every secret of creation has great value in changing the quality of human life. The book IKIGAI- The Japanese Secret to a Happy and Long Life by author Ken Mogi will reveal one of such secrets to help readers find the path to longevity and happiness. own happiness.


Ikigai is a Japanese word that describes the joy and meaning of life. Etymologically, this word consists of two parts “iki” (live) and “thorn” (reason). In the Japanese language, Ikigai is used in many different contexts and can be applied to small everyday things as well as big goals and achievements.

When writing about the joy and meaning of life, the writer should not bring melancholy or boredom. Like the reader, don’t carry judgment or skepticism. Life is so vast and wondrous that no thought suffices to describe every aspect of its ever-changing state of motion and change. Talking about joy and meaning in life, we should feel it instead of analyzing it. Just like when eating beef hot pot, we don’t need to tell the difference between beef, mushrooms, broth, or recipes for making pots and pans for cooking to feel more delicious. Nor does anyone, after listening to the analysis of the chemical composition of alcohol, begin to feel intoxicated while still intoxicated.

Joy and meaning in life are simply examples that are unconvincing for one person but ideal for another. It is foolishness that lacks calculation with pragmatists, but it is an inspiration to do things according to your preferences with romantic people. If you are looking forward to embarking on an adventure without a destination, want to regain your youthful enthusiasm, or simply want to make your life more enjoyable, or are looking for solace to bravely continue on your path. If you have chosen, then this book and review are for you.

Start with the little things

This is the first pillar of Ikigai: Start small. Why dream big, do big when you are not ready and do not really understand the meaning of what you are dreaming? The more you try to aim for things that are out of reach, the quicker you will get tired. The rise in life doesn’t tire you out, the real culprit is the desire to get up quickly.

Most of us refuse to start doing well with the little things first. Images of successful, luxurious, and respected people are often easier to attract attention than the hard work and countless bitterness they have gone through. When you see a picture of someone smiling in a space filled with designer brands, that doesn’t mean they’ve achieved it in a single day. It is the result of many failures in exchange for a single success. The specific message is to have fun doing the little things well first. If you do the small things well, you will feel more confident and more reputable in the eyes of others. On the contrary, it is not just by trying to do great things to prove to yourself that you are useful and loved.

The owner of Sukiyabashi Jiro is the famous Jiro Ono, the world’s oldest living 3-star Michelin chef. Ono once wished he could die while making sushi. It clearly gave him a deep sense of ikigai, even though it required a lot of small steps that were monotonous and time-consuming. For example, to make a soft and delicious octopus, Ono needs to “massage” this mollusk for about an hour.

The true meaning is often not always the same as the grand form. That’s why it’s often missed. Focus on doing small things first instead of thinking about what you get too much. Because whether successful or not, hard work and dedication bring a state of relaxation right within each person, regardless of the results they receive.

Unleash your personal ego

The ego is the chasm that separates us from true happiness. If compared in a figurative way, the personal ego resembles a core-filtering fraudster. They seduce us, convince us to bring them what they want, and then run away and make us suffer. The ego constantly urges them to bring more things to them, they are never satisfied until they have completely subjugated the human being. The personal ego hates things that have real meaning because true meaning robs people off benefits and banishes them forever from one’s mind.

As simple as focusing on the surface too much in life makes the mind always messy and cramped. With such a state of mind, it is difficult for us to reach a state of deep concentration.

As described by the Hungarian-American psychologist, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, “deep focus” is a state in which one is so absorbed in one activity that nothing else matters. When in a state of deep concentration, you are not working for money. Or at least, it’s not your top priority. You work because work makes you happy.

Removing your personal ego means you can rest assured to do what you really think is important instead of following the opinion of the majority to receive praise or approval (the “ego”. “individuals always desire)

Harmony and Sustainability

The foundation of sustainability has a lot to do with stability. In order to have stability, the way to solve all problems in life as well as the different aspects of our soul needs to be in harmony. Harmony is not orderly, harmony only appears when there is flexibility attached.

The story of Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli in the book is the most interesting expression for the next pillar of Ikigai. If any reader has ever seen titles like Spirited Land, Grave of the Fireflies, My Neighbor Totoro, Howl’s Castle, etc.You can see a very unique feature in the typical Ghibli cartoons. Despite being cartoons, most of them are for all ages and make audiences of all ages agree with this point of view. Each film is a perfect combination of content, images, sound as well as the beginning and the end, reality and dream. That harmony makes Ghibli’s films highly appreciated, on the other hand, no one can deny the efforts of Hayao Miyazaki. It is the fruit of talent (harmony) and effort (sustainability). Devotion to the point of surpassing perfectionism is a strange yet admirable trait of the Japanese. They see perfection as a bridge to harmony to create sustainability.

Joy from the little things

The fourth pillar of Ikigai is to enjoy the little things. It’s doing everyday tasks, receiving small gifts or watching the sunset when leaving the workplace. The little things are always present every day, every hour with us, but we rarely feel the joy from them, because the busy mind is like a fastidious jailer who always wants us to see everything through the river. iron, over the limit.

Try observing children. Every moment in your life is a joy. Whether you go to a restaurant, eat at home, sit in class, read a book at the library, in the park, or come across a strange little insect, you can feel happy. The world has nothing inherently labeled as “containing joy”, joy is how people feel. And children can find joy anywhere and anytime because they have a thirst to learn and love everything. When we are happy we can laugh more. How laughter is beneficial to health must be clear to readers.

Conversely, if the little things do not make you happy, then you are falling into a state of dissatisfaction with reality. No matter how hard you try to get what you imagine you’ll be happy with when you have it, that’s not entirely certain. Our needs are limitless and everything is ever-changing. Living, breathing, and feeling our hobby right now is a joy that we should not miss.

In the famous British comedy series, Father Ted (roughly translated as: Father Ted), each main character has his own reason for living, in addition to doing his job well. The film depicts the lives of three Catholic priests and their housekeeper, who live in the same parish house on the fictional island of Carrgy. Father Ted Crilly was very interested in making money, being known to society, and being interested in gender equality. Father Dougal McGuire is generally easygoing, and Father Jack Hackett just likes to “drink”. Mrs. Doyle was so fond of making tea that she was willing to stay all night in the living room, just in case someone wanted a good cup of tea in the middle of the night.

Everyone can find their own Ikigai from their very own preferences. When personal interests do not affect the people around them, no matter how odd, they can still bring joy to everyone.

Live in the present moment

By the time you become aware that you are reading this paragraph and have your own feelings about the article, you are experiencing the final pillar of Ikigai: Living in the present moment. This may sound close to religion, but it’s actually nothing out of the ordinary.

If your present moment is filled with the past or the future, it can be difficult for you to visualize what the present is like. The present is the only thing in your hands and focusing on it will make you more real. Longevity is also in the way of thinking, not by age expressed in numbers but by the moments of existence in life. In Japanese history-culture, the philosophy of life seems to be born when enjoying the scenery of cherry blossom season in full bloom. Cherry blossoms bloom in clusters and let go in the wind without forcing, without forcing. Samurai warriors also followed the flower’s shadow and were ready to be born and die to be like a petal leaving the branch when the mission was completed. However, to fully understand this, there are still many other ways without necessarily imitating the birth and death of the Samurai warriors.

Accept yourself to love yourself and what you have more, not tormenting about the past, and not carry more burdens for the future. Looking back, you will see that living without purpose is different from living without an ideal. So in the end, whether you achieve your goal in life or not, as long as you are confident and understand the reason for your existence, you will be happy. Eternal happiness in a short life deserves to be considered a long life.


Removing the quotation marks, I use this title again because I believe that Ikigai should not be bound by anything.

Try to find out what your meaning in life is, don’t hesitate to start with small joys, personal interests, childhood dreams or long-forgotten talents. You will find something that makes life more beautiful.

When I wrote this review, I was quite excited because it conveys a message that has many similarities with meaning therapy in Viktor Frankl’s classic book In Search of Life. This shows that no matter where or in what era people live, there is always a latent desire to find the meaning of life – a balance between intelligence and emotions.

Reading IKIGAI- The Japanese Secret to a Happy and Long Life, we will have the feeling of reliving the full joy like when we were given the Doraemon comic book and then read it voraciously and laughed at the door. The magical treasure of the robotic cat is often mistaken for a green weasel, combined with Nobita’s clumsy, Suno’s boasting, Chaien’s temper, Xuka’s sense of diligence, and Dekhi’s eagerness to learn. . You should keep a little bit of childhood in you to always have a desire to learn and love life, friends.

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Kavya Tripathi September 20, 2022 - 9:43 pm

Today I was interested to know about the review of ikigai ….. actually it was my first book and I asked to my brother to give me this I completed this books 33 Pages and I feel some thing positive about this book and anything which atracks me to come again to read and find my ikigai ……it's really aa easy and good book to start a reading journey for those whoo is fighting form there own soul to find there real me ….thank u for ur review ..

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Nice way to explain such a great book. After watching this video I felt, I have to read this book.

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I need to revise this to make it a healthy habit. I need this to be in my to day list on a daily basis to read this every day.

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I want because i had added few of the things in my habits…I wanted to know more about it…

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I just wanted to read this book IKIGAI to learn more about what should I must do in my life which will be called as a real success becoz I am of just 17 & I cracked entrance exam of my field which I choose as my career and now I am trying to be a perfect one for that and by listening this review I am sure that this book will surely help me so I wanted to read this book…😊

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Taranum Sultana Maniyar September 20, 2022 - 9:43 pm

I am a cancer patient I think it is Very useful book and I am very much passionate to read this book . I want to lead my rest of my life happily .

Divya Tripathi September 20, 2022 - 9:43 pm

What a coincidence I have brought this book today and got your video as my suggestion 😁

Sangya Kumari September 20, 2022 - 9:43 pm

Hii sir. I decided to read this book yesterday only. There is a story I would request you to go through. Though I was aware that one book like this exist but didn't pay much attention. I did some money-related blunder this week which left me shocked and burdened. I felt heaviness end extreme burden in my heart and mind. I was really depressed and shocked that how could I end up doing such a stupid thing which cost me about 80% of my one month's salary. I was working and living with the same regret and depression for about three days. Then yesterday one colleague asked me to meet her at the canteen. I had some tasks to complete and didn't want to go but couldn't refuse her as I respect her a lot. So I went there and took my laptop along bcz work is also important. After sitting for like a minute or two, a man probably from CSE department came there. He was known to ma'am so he sat along. He started talking about Wahe guru and his ways and how we should trust him in whatever happens to us. Its like we only learn through mistakes. How we should help others and find peace and happiness etc., HOw we should find some time to meditate. I listened to him the entire time and it was like if Wahe guru himself sent him for me. I felt immediate relief and my heart suddenly felt light. I felt some sort of strange happiness just by listening to him. It was so relatable to my current situation. My god.. I cannot express what heavenly thing happened to me yesterday. That guy mentioned reading Ikigai. He was currently reading it and he referred this book to us also. That's when I felt the need to read this book. It is amazing how things work.

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Bandana Sarma September 20, 2022 - 9:43 pm

Hello Ankur Sir ,
I think I would love to have this book because the intersection of all the four principles which is IKIGAI cannot be experienced unless my mind captures the views and experiences of people of Okinawa in truest sense. As such , i feel more than me who is 40 yrs now my daughter Khushi who is 15 yrs of age will be benefitted a lot by knowing the true way of living a complete wholesome life.
Keep empowering!

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