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October 18 is the traditional school day in Italy. On this day in 1886, The Noble Soul (originally Cuore, meaning Heart) is a children’s novel by Italian writer Edmondo De Amicis officially published. Immediately, it conquered the hearts of readers, not only in Italy but also spread throughout other continents. Up to now, The Noble Soul is still one of the works with enduring vitality in the publishing life of many countries.

In 1948, Noble Souls was first published in Vietnam and since then until now, this work has always been the bedside book of many generations. The work is considered a “doctrine of morality” of the 20th century. Where does the influence of a children’s novel come from? The answer is simple: From the simplest of things, is kindness.

Written in the diary form of Enico Bottini, a 10-year-old student, Noble Souls offers readers small stories, taking place in chronological order throughout Enrico’s 3rd-grade year, but are about problems concern of the whole society. Enico Bottini’s family belonged to the upper class while many of her classmates were from working-class backgrounds. That’s why, even in the world of children, the social frictions are constant. Surprisingly, after those bumps, the fragments picked up sparkled with life values: patriotism, sincerity, and above all, the kindness of each person.

In a context where kindness is being dissected and being kind can cause many doubts, young people see the “like” button on social networks as a reason to live. As it is now, the reappearance of the Noble Soul is indeed a cool breeze.

Many people say that Vietnam is a strange people. We can overcome many obstacles to move forward. We absorb knowledge and promote values ​​very quickly. The hardest thing is still the story of nurturing the soul. There is no explanation for the fact that young people are ready to burn themselves, jump from a bridge or a 13-year-old girl buy gasoline to set fire to the school, if someone cheers (with a power-like button), there is no justification for the “saints” female” will live stream striptease for the whole world to see. All these stories are anomalies of the “like” culture that young people are “crazy”. How to get rid of these boils?

The solution to this problem, I think, only books. On the land where alluvium is built up by the small stories of Enico Bottini, the editors of the famous book now hope that the seeds of kindness will sprout and blossom. That is why, the compilation team brings readers Noble Souls, a work that never gets old even though it is more than a hundred years old in the early days of 2017.

Light a bright candle, sow a faith of love, from readers, and the flame of kindness will spread.

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