Review of Gone With the Wind

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Set in the extremely fierce civil war between North and South America, Gone With the Wind with a clear, logical, and easy-to-understand plot, skillfully depicts the moods, personalities and identities of many classes. people during the war and the post-war period. The main character of the novel is the girl Scarlett O’hara, along with Rhett Butler, becoming a typical pair of characters, among the most successful in American literature.

Gone With the Wind has strong appeal to young Americans as well as young people around the world because this is a unique love novel. Strangely, during the war and the extremely arduous post-war years, love always shines, becoming the driving force to help people overcome death, hunger and cowardice… Not only love Boys and girls, Gone With the Wind is also a song of love for the country, love and affection. Three years after the novel Gone With the Wind was released, the release of the film of the same name based on the work of Margaret Mitchell became a great event and the pride of American cinema.

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