Review of the book No Family

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No family tells the story of a child without parents, without relatives, who followed a circus of dogs and monkeys, then led the group to wander around France, then was imprisoned in England, finally found mother and me. That baby Remi grew up in hardship. I have interacted with all kinds of people, living everywhere, “where it’s a scam, where it’s pitiful”. I worked and lived, at first under the control of an experienced and virtuous old man, Vitali, later on, I was independent and not only took care of myself, but also ensured the performance and living for an entire family. troupe troupe. There was a time when I and the whole group wandered for a few days with nothing in my stomach. There was a time when I almost froze to death. There was a time when I was buried in an underground flood for ten days and nights. There was a time when I was wronged and was taken to court and imprisoned.

And sometimes I was brought up properly and well. But no matter where, in any situation, I still follow the old man Vitali’s training to keep human qualities, that is, to be upright, brave, self-respecting, loving people, eager to work, not raising his hand to beg. , do not lie, cheat, remember gratitude, always want to be useful…

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