Review of the book The Story of the Farm

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The story begins at Mr. Jones’s Estate. One school night after Master Jones had fallen asleep with his drunkenness, the animals of Manor Farm gathered in the barn to listen to Old Major’s old hog tell of a strange dream. Beginning, in a clear and powerful voice, Old Pig Major recounts his understanding of the nature of life. Accordingly, the animals were born to work hard, endure hardships, not eat enough, until they no longer had the strength to work, they were slaughtered. They are enslaved to humans and this is a world of creatures that only consume, not produce. So there is only one solution: to overthrow humanity. All animals must unite for a common purpose: rebellion.

The meeting was interrupted for a short while because several dogs ran off to chase the mice, next Big Hog proposed a vote on which rats were comrades, then all the animals approved another decision. of the Old Boar Major as follows: Man is the Enemy. Animals therefore need to be kept away from human habits: not to use houses, beds, clothes, money, trade, alcohol. And above all, We are All You. No animal may kill another animal. All animals are equal. Old Pig Major was unable to describe his good dream to the other animals, and he also taught the other animals to sing the Animals of England song that he learned in the dream. By singing this revolutionary song over and over again, the animals became wild.

Not long after, the Old Hog Major died, but the other living animals, who needed to understand Animalism, had to rebel against their master Jones. The work of teaching and organizing the masses is entrusted to the pigs because pigs are considered clever, skillful animals. Of these animals, the two most talented are Snowball Pig and Napoleon Pig. There is also Pig Squealer, an excellent talker. As the days passed, Farmer Jones drank more and more spirits and became more and more late in tending the farm. Then one afternoon, when Mr. Jones forgot to feed the animals after a long day, the animals broke down the door, burst into the feeder and took the food. Mr. Jones and the workers used whips, sticks, and beat the animals. These hungry animals couldn’t take it any longer. They then attacked the oppressors. Surprised and frightened at the same time, both the master and the servant were evicted from the farm.

So surprise. The uprising was successful. Master Jones is no more, Farm Manor belongs to the animals from now on. The joy of all animals is immeasurable, they are masters and will work together in harmony for the rest of their lives…

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